Paris Hilton has boasted she earns £100 million a year (U.S. $200 million).The hotel heiress claims she rakes in the enormous sum from a variety of business ventures, including her own hotel chain, perfume range and personalised merchandise, and by charging massive fees for personal appearances.She said: "I've made millions in the last year, while Jennifer Lopez made £75 million (U.S. $150 million)."I'm developing my own hotels, casinos and clubs and getting into real estate. It's crazy at such a young age. I'm doing so much."Paris' inheritance from her family and the Hilton hotel chain is worth around £25 million (U.S. $50 million), while she earns £8 million (U.S. $16 million) a year for her role in US TV show 'The Simple Life', in which she stars with friend Nicole Richie.The 26-year-old socialite's perfume and jewellery collection brought in £1million (U.S. $2 million) each last year, while she collected £10 million (U.S. $20 million) for personal appearances.Paris can charge £50,000 (U.S. $100 thousand) a time just for showing up at her favourite haunts and is once believed to have been paid over a million to wave to a crowd in Australia for 20 minutes. Her book, 'Confessions of an Heiress', and debut pop album, 'Paris', further boosted her earnings, as did a stuffed version of her pet dog Tinkerbell and advertisements for Dream Catcher hair extensions. She even pockets money from the slogan "That's Hot!" after trademarking her favourite exclamation. Paris also collects an estimated £2 million (U.S. $4 million) a year from the infamous sex tape, 'One Night In Paris', she made with ex-lover Rick Salomon.The blonde dropped a lawsuit against him in return for half of the profits made from sales.