Nick Nolte collapsed at a Hawaiian Airport on Monday night.The 'Cape Fear' star stunned travellers at Kauai Airport when he passed out on the terminal floor after their flight was delayed due to engine problems.A witness told gossip website "He was suddenly flat out on the floor. He drifted in and out for about two hours."He was dripping with sweat and his eyes were all bloodshot. He was very groggy, but friendly too, even though people started taking his picture. He wasn't quite with it."The 66-year-old Oscar nominee is renowned for his heavy drinking.In 1990, Katharine Hepburn accused Nolte of falling down drunk in every gutter in town and he replied: "I've got a few to go yet."In 2002, he checked into Connecticut's Silver Hill Hospital for counselling after he was arrested for DUI (driving under the influence). Nolte's mugshot - showing him in a Hawaiian shirt and sporting unkempt hair - was voted number one in VH1's '40 Most Shocking Celebrity Mugshots'.