Kate Winslet has been urged to quit working as a L'Oreal spokesmodel after the cosmetics giant was found guilty of racism.The French company appeared in court last week accused of using only white women to promote its Garnier shampoos. Now Winslet and fellow British actor Clive Owen are facing pressure to end their associations with L'Oreal and make their stance on racism clear.A Commission for Racial Equality spokesperson said: "We would ask those high-profile ambassadors to think carefully about whether or not they want to be associated with this organisation."What a wonderful opportunity this could be to stand up to racism, to show that it simply has no place in today's society."Winslet replaced actress Isabella Rossellini as the spokesmodel for L'Oreal-owned company Lancome's Tresor fragrance just last month.'Inside Man' star Owen was unveiled as the new face of Lancome's luxury male skin products in May 2006. Simon Woolley of race campaign group The 1990 Trust fumed: "It is shameful that those on L'Oreal's payroll keep conveniently quiet. The correct thing to do would be to at least speak out or resign."


Anonymous said…
this is absolutely ridiculous.