Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling promises the latest book brings a "definite end" to the boy wizard's story. The millionaire author refused to reveal the plot of the seventh and final book, 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows', which is published tomorrow, but told fans she has finished writing about Harry. Rowling said: "Harry's story comes to a definite end in book seven."The popular children's writer hinted Harry may die in the tome after saying she could continue to explore other characters. She said: "Because the world is so big, there would be room to do other stuff. I am not planning to do that, but I'm not going to say I'm never going to do it."Rowling admitted she felt terrible after finishing the final chapter, but eventually her feelings turned to relief. She said: "I felt terrible for a week. The first two days in particular, it was like a bereavement, even though I was pleased with the book."Finishing it is emotional because the books have been so wrapped up with my life. It's almost impossible not to finish and look back to where I was when I started."And then after a week that cloud lifted and I felt quite light-hearted, quite liberated."Meanwhile, Rowling is to be protected by a team of SAS soldiers when she is interviewed for US TV next week.The author will meet NBC's Meredith Viera on Monday to talk about the final book, and it is feared she could be a terrorist target. Employees of Pilgrim Security - veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars -have been hired to protect her. A Pilgrim representative said: "Our teams are used to operating in the most extreme and hostile situations."