Hugh Grant will relive his hooker days

Hugh Grant's infamous rendezvous with a Hollywood prostitute is being turned into a movie.The film which will retell the story of the British actor's late-night liaison on Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard in 1995 is set to make former call girl Divine Brown millions. A source said: "Divine has already made a fortune from the liaison with Hugh and she could easily double that with this film."Everybody is fascinated by what happened and why it did."Hugh, now 42, was romancing long-term girlfriend model Liz Hurley when he was arrested for getting oral sex from the $60-a-'trick' prostitute in his BMW convertible.The 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' actor's relationship with Liz fell apart shortly after his tryst and his reputation was tarnished. Divine, 37, refers to the incident as a "blessing" after making a reported $1.6 million from telling her story. She says that as a result of having sex with Hugh she was able to send her two children to private school. In an interview for 'Hollywood Lives' to be aired on ITV tonight, Divine says: "What happened that night made him 'famous' in the States, and made me famous overseas."Everything turned out for the better. It helped me turn my life into something positive. I was blessed that it could get me out of that lifestyle."Divine has already played herself in an adult movie based on the incident,'Sunset and Divine: The British Experience' directed by porn legend Ron Jeremy.