Every mans dreamgirl Beth Ditto

Beth Ditto would love to have sex 24 hours a day.The openly lesbian Gossip singer confessed she is a nymphomaniac and would make love all day and night if she could. She said: "I think about sex constantly - if you don't think about it constantly, you haven't had really good sex. If I could just do one think for 24 hours it would be that - or sew. Or have sex while sewing. Or sew an outfit to have sex in."The plus-sized singer also revealed her first sexual experience was with another girl in kindergarten. Beth, 26, said: "I never liked men much. When I was having sex with them I would be thinking, 'I wish I was with a girl.'"I got busted in kindergarten for making out with a girl in the bathroom - I mean totally making out."Beth recently confessed she was scared she would go to hell for being a lesbian.The rocker - who is in a long-term relationship with a cross-dressing woman named Freddie - was terrified about coming out because her devoutly religious mother had convinced her it was a sin. She said: "I think it was harder admitting I was a lesbian to myself than it was to tell my mother about it because I'd been brought up to be so scared of going to hell."For years my mom and I used to watch soaps after school on stuff like lesbianism and she was like, 'Can you imagine what that must be like?' and all the time I was thinking, 'Yup.' "