'Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl says his daughter's birth was the scariest moment of his life.The Foo Fighters front man - whose wife Jordyn gave birth to Violet Maye a year ago - wasn't mentally prepared for his wife's difficult labor. Grohl told Q magazine: "I went to the birth. I knew the science. I could've f***ing delivered the baby myself at that point. I'd desensitised myself by watching those stupid TV shows with the graphic birth."But I was nervous. It was a sketchy birth because her cord was around her neck and there were a couple of times when her heartbeat dropped. That's the most frightened I've ever been in my life."The 38-year-old also revealed the birth sparked emotional memories of his late Nirvana band mate Kurt Cobain. He said: "We found this CD that was lullaby versions of Beatles songs. The first song was 'In My Life', which we played at Kurt's memorial. I just felt it coming and I thought, 'You can't break down right now, man. I've got to keep it together for my wife.'"What a song, and what a moment and what a memory."