Sexy Josh Duhamel

Josh Duhamel has installed a stripper pole in his home so girlfriend Fergie can treat him to private dances.The 'My Humps' singer is even taking lessons to perfect her skills for the lucky 'Transformers' star. Josh told Glamour magazine: "Fergie is taking lessons, but she won't get on it until she knows what she's doing, because she doesn't want to look stupid."The 34-year-old actor also confessed Fergie would have been out of his league if they had met at high school. He said: "She would have been too hot for me in high school. I would have been intimidated by her."There's no way I could have scored with her."It was recently revealed the couple have a musical 'stalker'. Josh and Fergie have been left bemused by an obsessed fan who parks outside their Los Angeles home with Fergie's hit 'London Bridge' blaring out of the car stereo. A close friend said: "Every night at around 11pm, someone pulls up in front of their home, rolls down the car windows and plays 'London Bridge' really loud."