Eva Mendes used to sell hot dogs to pay the bills.The 'Hitch' actress donned an unflattering red, yellow and white uniform for her summer job at California's Hot Dog on a Stick fast food restaurant, at Glendale Galleria supermall, before she got her big break.The 33-year-old beauty said: "I worked at the Glendale Galleria's Hot Dog on a Stick. It really wasn't that long ago."British actor Orlando Bloom also had an equally unglamorous part-time job before making his name in Hollywood.The 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star used to work on a clay pigeon shooting range loading the discs. He told Access Hollywood: "I was a clay trapper. I put clay discs into a clay trap machine and make them fly off. Guys would then shoot them out of the sky."The 30-year-old joked that although the pay did not compare to his current multi-million pound salary, at the time he thought it was "good money". He added: "It wasn't very well paid. But I was young and it was my first job, so any money was good money."