David Hasselhoff wants to turn his daughters into pop stars.The 'Baywatch' actor claims daughters Taylor Ann, 17, and Hayley Amber, 14, are great singers with bright futures in the music business. Hasselhoff said in an interview with Scotland's Daily Record newspaper: "I am working on producing my daughters because both of them can sing."I said I was going to wait until they're ready. Now my dreams have come true, and I am going to help them live theirs."The 55-year-old actor - who was filmed by Taylor Ann earlier this year trying to eat a burger off the floor while drunk as she begged him to stop drinking - insists he is a great role model to his daughters. He said: "Where I am now is a really nice place, and that is to be the really good, positive role model that I have been to my kids."My kids and I are incredibly close. So I said, 'Let's take two months out',and I did nothing but hang out with them."As well as masterminding his daughters' bid for pop stardom, Hasselhoff has been working on a new album himself, entitled 'The Romantics', which he says will feature "really big songs and big ballads". Last month, Hasselhoff was granted full custody of Taylor Ann and Hayley Amber after a year-long custody battle with ex-wife Pamela Bach.