Daniel Craig wants to make James Bond less macho and more comical.The British actor - whose tough portrayal of 007 in 'Casino Royale' was critically acclaimed - wants the next film to be inspired by former Bond star Roger Moore, who was famed for his wit and innuendo in the role. He said: "There are going to be more gags. The next one's going to be a lot funnier. To me Bond has never been that macho. That Bond is something that Sean Connery created in 'Dr. No'."Referring to the tongue-in-cheek names of previous films and past Bond girls, Craig added: "There will be lots of Octopussy and Pussy Galore-style gags. They're all great names - but the Bond jokes will be flipped on their heads."Despite his affection for Moore, Craig, 37, doesn't want to emulate any past Bond actors, preferring to "make the role his own".The next film is tentatively titled 'Bond 22' and is due for release late next year. It will be directed by 'Finding Neverland' filmmaker Marc Forster. Meanwhile, Craig caused an accident on the set of his latest film, 'The Golden Compass'.He was running through a cobbled street in Oxford when he veered toward a rickshaw that was carrying the cameraman, causing the crew member to fallout and break his arm and collarbone.