Courtney Love celebrated her 43rd birthday by reportedly getting drunk and"wildly" wrecking her five-star London hotel room.The former Hole singer spent her special day drinking with 'Mighty Boosh' comedian Noel Fielding before returning to her £495-a-night (U.S. $990.)Central London Hotel suite and causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage. A source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Staff said the room was left in a right state - like a wild animal had been let loose in there."She had used the place as an ashtray with butts strewn about and burn marks all over the bed, carpet and upholstery. I feel sorry for whoever had to clear it up."Earlier on Monday, Love showcased eleven new songs at an intimate show in London's Bush Hall, before leaving with British comic Fielding.A limousine then took the pair to her hotel where they drank in the bar before going up to her room.Love's spokesman claimed the damage to the hotel room was caused by a friend"leaning on a table" and added: "She continues to have a very good relationship with the hotel."