Cameron Diaz once had a crush on Harrison Ford.The 34-year-old actress was so obsessed with Harrison's Indiana Jones character she used to watch 'Raiders of the Lost Ark', the second movie in the adventure series, twice a day.She said: "When I was younger, that's how I thought people lived their lives - travelling and having adventures. I'd watch it all the time."Cameron has now got over her obsession with the 65-year-old actress, who is dating 'Brothers and Sisters' star Calista Flockhart, but is still looking forward to the fourth Indiana Jones film. She said: "I can't wait."Cameron was recently linked to wealthy British environmentalist David deRothschild.The 'Shrek the Third' star was first seen with the 28-year-old banking heir at Live Earth New Jersey in the VIP area on July 7. Cameron and David are said to have enjoyed a romantic dinner at New York's Stanton Social restaurant on July 9. A witness said: "They flirted and touched throughout their meal. They were really into each other."David came second on Tatler magazine's list of the hottest British bachelors in 2003 beating both British royal Prince Harry and Hugh Grant. Only Harry's older brother Prince William was placed ahead of him.Cameron was a presenter at the Live Earth New Jersey environmental awareness concert.