Angelina Jolie allegedly threatened to dump Brad Pitt after discovering he'd taken their baby daughter to meet his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.The Oscar-winning beauty was said to be furious when she found out Brad and 14-month-old Shiloh had shared lunch with former 'Friends' actress Jennifer. A source told Britain's Star magazine: "Angelina went totally ballistic. She rarely gets so angry. She was shouting so hard at Brad that the veins were bulging in her neck. She told him in no uncertain terms that they were finished if he took Shiloh anywhere near Jennifer again."Brad had reportedly asked Angelina to join him and Shiloh for lunch at Jennifer's Malibu mansion, but she declined his offer. Angelina allegedly feels Jennifer is trying to drive a wedge between the couple, who have three adopted children, Maddox, five, Pax, three and two-year-old Zahara.The source added: "Angelina couldn't believe it. She asked Brad what the hell he thought he was doing, and why he was humiliating her like that. But Brad couldn't believe he was getting the third degree. He told Ange it was just a harmless lunch."Angelina told him, 'She, Jen, is just loving it. Can't you see? She's in touch with your mom, too. She might as well move in with us.' "Last month, Jennifer met Brad's mother, Jane, for a two-hour catch-up - much to Angelina's annoyance. Angelina was said to have been so furious with Jane, she threatened to ban her from seeing Shiloh unless she severed all contact with Jennifer.In 2005, Jennifer and Brad announced they were separating after four years of marriage.Many claimed the actor's close friendship with Angelina - who he met on the set of 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith' - was the cause of their split.Although they denied this, Brad and Angelina officially became an item just months later.