Supermodel Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks doesn't like wine - but orders it in public to look sexy.The US talk show host thinks the alcoholic tipple tastes "nasty" but likes to hold a wine glass to look more attractive to people. Tyra wrote on her personal website: "I recently went to Napa, California, and I learned how to pair wines with certain tastes, how red wine tastes good with salt and bitter things like lemon."So, every now and then I'll order some wine at the table. I'll only take two sips, but I'll keep holding the glass cause it makes me feel sexy, but I still don't drink it because it still tastes kind of nasty to me."The 33-year-old former supermodel believes she is lucky as her dislike for alcohol means she won't end up in rehab like other stars. She said: "I feel like I've been very lucky because I don't really have an addictive personality."I've never had any drugs and I had a little taste of alcohol when I was 12-years-old, but that's about it."I'm not really an 'alcohol girl' and I'm definitely not a 'drug girl.' "