Richie Havens with Elliot Tiber

During the early morning hours of June 28, 1969, there were a series of violent conflicts between the New York City Police and groups of gay and transgender people in New York City. The conflict lasted several days and was a watershed for the worldwide gay rights movement, as gay people had never before acted in such large numbers to forcibly resist police. ELLIOT TIBER, who's parents ran a small inn near Woodstock, was there and chronicles many of his thoughts in his new book TAKING WOODSTOCK (Square One Publishers), as well as his heroic efforts in making the Woodstock festival happen. Tiber lived by day working at his parents inn and by night, in new York City, a closeted gay existence. He came in contact with the likes of TRUMAN CAPOTE, ROCK HUDSON and, ROBERT MAPPLETHORPE. Says Tiber, "Stonewall was a life changing experience ... we all knew it the moment. I was the first to overturn a police car ... an amazing episode." Tiber adds that the entire moment is perhaps best chronicled in THE HIPPIES, currently running on the History Channel. Now, with the release of his book, The Cutting Room will host, on Tuesday, August 14, a launch party. PR-pasha DAVID SALIDOR, who is coordinating the event and Times Square Gossip will co-host. "Everyone will come dressed as if they were going to Woodstock ... the media too!"


Anonymous said…
i can't wait to read the new book..tiber is the funniest writer and this book looks like it will be the best so far..
James Edstrom said…
Great...Thanks for reading www.timessquaregossip.com