The Sugababes

Mutya Buena prefers having male friends - because girls are too "b****y".The former Sugababe admits she used to argue with former band mates, Keisha Buchanan and Heidi Range, but insists that's just what girls are like.She said in an interview with Britain's The Independent newspaper: "I think mixing friends and business isn't the key. You fall apart or you become stronger as friends. And Keisha knows, as I knew, we drifted apart. Most of the bickering was probably me and Keisha. That's how it is."Females - I can't take much of them. That's why I have a lot more male friends, because females are very b****y, and I can't do b****y."The 22-year-old singer believes the arguments in the band were also inevitable because all the girls came from different backgrounds.She added: "Now that I'm not with the Sugababes, I realise that we are very different people and I think you actually need to move on with your life to realise certain things. We are totally different people. I can see where we would clash."