Lily Allen wants to retire by the time she is 30.The 22-year-old singer wants to earn as much money as she can in her 20s and then quit the music business.She is quoted by Britain's Daily Express newspaper as saying: "What I'm going to do is work really hard, and make as much money as I can, then retire when I'm 30 and have my childhood all over again."Lily, the daughter of British comic Keith Allen, plans to spend her days in the countryside riding quad bikes. She added: "I'll just sit in the country, ride quad bikes all day and have my own paintball course."Lily claims she missed out on a normal childhood because she had to help her mother, Alison Owen, look after her brother and sister after dad Keith walked out on the family when she was just four.The 'Smile' singer said: "I never felt like a kid. I never had friends when I was a child, never had toys, or played with stuff. But I'm going to stop moaning about that and work hard on my plan."