Finnish Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson wants to learn to speak fluent Finnish.The former 'Baywatch' star, whose grandfather hailed from Finland, was pleased she remembered so much of the language during a recent trip to the country, and now plans to increase her vocabulary. Pammie said: "I'm surprised at how much of the language I retained from before I was 10 years old speaking with my grandfather. It came back quick. I'm going to learn more and more."The 39-year-old actress is planning to build a house in Finland and return there every year during the long summer days. Pammie said: "I will have a summer home there one day and plan on going back every summer to enjoy the midnight sun."The blond star - who recently introduced her father to shock jock Howard Stern - also says travelling to the Nordic country with her dad was a"dream". She explained: "My dad was so thrilled to meet Howard Stern and more of my friends in NYC. He's a huge fan. Also bringing him to Finland finally was a life long dream."