Jake Shears needs mothers for his kids

Scissor Sisters singer Jake Shears wants to find a surrogate mother to have his and his boyfriend's babies.The flamboyant musician is desperate to start a family with his lover Chris,and would like his future family to include a child fathered by each of them.He told British TV show 'Orange Playlist': "It would be really cool to have two kids by the same mom, one impregnated by him and one by me, that way they would look like us and each other. I think it's inevitable that we're going to have kids."Jake has also revealed he wants to tie the knot with Chris in a Disney wedding ceremony. He said: "I want to have a Disney wedding. There was all this talk about us having a Glastonbury wedding, but that was never going to happen. I'm obsessed with Disney.. I try to go to a Disney park every six months and they've just started doing same sex unions at American Disney parks."