Wide faced Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson used to worry her face was too wide.The 'Match Point' actress says she was insecure about her looks as a teenager, and even worried her voice was too deep.The blond beauty confessed: "I always had a lot of doubtful feelings about my looks as a teenager. I had this deep voice and big lips and some people would make fun of me and I felt awkward a lot of the time."When I was a teenager I always felt too fat, too short and that my face was too wide. I was really insecure about my appearance."Scarlett - who was named Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire magazine - also revealed she finds confidence the most attractive trait in a man.The 22-year-old actress told Bliss magazine: "I look at a guy and think he has such a cute nose or nice eyes, but there isn't normally one feature I go for. I'm generally attracted to self-confidence. If somebody's confident, they're definitely more attractive."The 'Lost in Translation' star revealed she is also attracted to artistic men. She said: "I like people who have a lot of artistic passion. Whether they're actors or musicians or sculptors, whatever - I need to feel that kind of creative intensity in a guy, and I find that crucial for any kind of relationship I'm in."Scarlett split from actor Josh Hartnett after two years together last November and was recently romantically linked to Justin Timberlake and 'Van Wilder' star Ryan Reynolds.