Tim Vincent with Melissa Lonner and Roger Friedman

There are good-columnists and there are bad-columnists and then there's FOX NEWS' 411. ROGER FRIEDMAN, who celebrated his big five O at STEVE WALTER's CUTTING ROOM Saturday night at a party hosted by Public Relations wiz NORAH LAWLOR. The club was packed with guests GARLAND JEFFREYS and SAM MOORE along with Access Hollywood's TIM VINCENT and the TODAY SHOW's fun and exciting MELISSA LONNER. Public Relations pasha DAVID SALIDOR; MAY PANG(left) and, super-producer RUSS TITLEMAN also partied. Friedman's column is a must-read for everyone in the infotainment business as he brings to it a curious wit and relevance. His daily readers are duly impressed by his exclusive rants and raves. His faves include STING, SAM MOORE and MICKY DOLENZ, while his targets include JANN WENNER, The ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME and everyone's favorite MICHEAL JACKSON ... Well, who wouldn't have him as a target these days? He was a producer on the terrific ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE (Miramax) which duly noted some of the less-than-admirable actions given to some of the noted R&B stars of our time, including SAM MOORE and MARY WILSON (Supremes). He's a decent chap and we're lucky to have him!
Mr. and Mrs. David Salidor with Radio Icon Jim Kerr