Paris Hilton has a home for now !

Paris Hilton's neighbors have launched a campaign to have her removed from her Hollywood Hills home.The hotel heiress is currently serving 45 days in a California jail and in her absence residents have distributed flyer's petitioning for her to be thrown out of the neighborhood.The leaflets - distributed by Christopher Hauck and Anne Goursaud - read:"Since the arrival of Paris Hilton to our neighborhood, we have seen our quality of life deteriorate."Last week was intolerable. We feel we need to take a united stand. The circus will resume when she exits jail."The pamphlet urges residents to contact the police and their city councilman. Hauck and Goursaud also say they are considering hiring a lawyer. Los Angeles City Councilman Jack Weiss' media liaison officer Lisa Hansen told Us Weekly magazine: "When Ms. Hilton was released we had more than 50 formal complaints filed about the helicopter noise and the street being too narrow and crowded with people."At this time the councilman is working to develop a specific plan to reduce the impact once Ms. Hilton is out. This will be out in the next week or so."Unfortunately the biggest complaint is the helicopters and it looks at this point there is little we can do about them. We are looking at ensuring access to the neighborhood just for the residents. At this point, we are trying to see how we can keep the street open and minimise the crowds to help out the residents. This is the plan so far."Cameron Diaz, who lives in Paris' neighborhood, said recently: "Paris made her bad choices, she's going to have to deal with it, that's her journey."She just has to get plastered all over the world. There were 10 helicopters above her house, which I live not too far from. I was like, 'Could you please keep it down.'"We all suffer when Paris suffers."
Note: She could sleep in the sleezy non-smoking Hilton Hotel !