Paris Hilton has been transferred from a medical ward back to the prison cell where she began her jail time.The hotel heiress was returned to the Century Regional Detention Center yesterday evening after spending four nights at Los Angeles' Twin Towers Correctional Facility and will remain there for the remainder of her sentence.The 26-year-old was moved off the specialist ward because her undisclosed medical condition is now said to be stable and her condition will continue to be monitored. Paris was initially jailed on June 3rd for driving with a suspended licence. She was given a 45 day sentence but it was ruled she would only serve 23 on account of good behaviour. However, she was released after just five days, citing "medical reasons", and was put on 40-day house arrest.The move caused great controversy and Paris was summoned back to court on June 8th, where Judge Michael Sauer ordered her back to jail and increased her sentence back to 45 days. On her return to prison, a terrified Paris fell ill again and was taken to the Twin Towers to recover.On Tuesday her worried parents Kathy and Rick visited, speaking to their daughter through a glass shield.She told them she was suffering from the cold and lack of sleep, but assured them she had got her appetite back and had eaten cereal that morning. Emerging from their 30-minute visit, Kathy said: "It's tough in there. It's cold and she hasn't had much sleep."


Anonymous said…
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