Moby is nuts ! Or is he ?

Moby 'believes' God destroys American Republicans with natural disasters. The musician - who is a staunch Democrat - is enraged by religious extremists who suggest hurricanes and earthquakes are sent by God to destroy sinners, and has come up with a new theory about why the tragedies might occur. Moby wrote on his personal website: "You know how the religious right will every now and then say that some natural disasters - hurricanes, earthquakes, etc - happen because God is angry at secular sinners?"I mean, personally, I tend to think that things like hurricanes and tornadoes happen for non-anthropocentric reasons and are, actually, just examples of extreme and arbitrary weather."But if natural disasters are, as the evangelicals maintain, a sign of God's wrath, then what does it mean that 90 per cent of the damage caused by tornadoes and hurricanes in the US happen in right-wing, Republican states that are heavily populated by evangelicals?"Again, I'm of the 'weather tends to happen because of climatological factors' school of thought."But the evangelicals have on plenty of occasions tried to maintain that natural disasters are the products of God's wrath. For example, they said that Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans because New Orleans was hosting a gay pride weekend."I'm not making light of the damage done by natural disasters in the US, I'm just trying to point out another small logical inconsistency on the part of our evangelical pals."


Anonymous said…
Notes to Moby:

Louisiana is the only BLUE state in a sea of RED.

Florida is full of East Coast Liberals who are notoriously not Right-Wingers and notoriously not evangelicals.
James Edstrom said…
Way over my head. Thanks for reading times square gossip !