Owen and Luke Wilson

Luke Wilson is still searching for the love of his life.The 'Vacancy' actor has previously dated Hollywood beauties Drew Barrymore and Gwyneth Paltrow but says he's never been tempted to settle down. Luke, 36, told Cosmopolitan magazine: "It's that old cliché - I haven't met The One."Although he is no longer romantically involved with Drew and Gwyneth, Luke has remained good friends with them both. He revealed: "I think it helps if you try and stay friends and, to their credit, they're the ones who've kept the friendship alive."Luke - who has recently been linked to US TV actress Dana Workman - also joked he is on the lookout for another high-profile girlfriend as he needs the extra publicity.The younger brother of 'Wedding Crashers' star Owen Wilson said: "When you put two famous actors together, you do get a lot of attention. Maybe I could use a little of that kind of publicity right now, but all the good ones seem to be taken!"