Les Paul with rocker Adam Bomb

The legend himself Les Paul celebrated his 92nd birthday with a huge bash at New York City's 'Cutting Room' hosted by Steve Walter and Gibson Guitar. The electric guitar inventor wasted no time heading to the stage and throwing jokes at the audience and grabbing a guitar and playing a tune to a standing ovation crowd. Gibson guitar CEO Henry Juszkiewicz took the mike to sing the praises of Les Paul, while Les wasted no time on commenting that he always turns his hearing aids off when Henry speaks. 'Beatles' John Lennon's girlfriend, the beautiful May Pang stopped by to party as did 'Threes Company' star Joyce Dewitt who was the hit of the evening. Rocker Adam Bomb played a set on stage while Public Relations powerhouse Claire O'Connor made sure I had a huge hangover the next day. Mission accomplished ! Gibson Guitar CEO Henry Juszkiewiez and Steve Walter