Joan Collins has become the face of a new anti-ageing cream.The 74-year-old 'Dynasty' star is to launch a breakthrough anti-wrinkle cream called Cellex-C Age-less 15 Skin Signalling Serum old. Last year, Joan was accused of having had a face-lift by a leading plastic surgeon. London-based plastic surgeon Alex Karidis claims he saw evidence of cosmetic surgery when he met her in 2004. He said: "I clearly saw the scars behind her ears indicating a face lift. I saw that she had also had her eyes lifted. I would say she has had this done in the last five years."'The Bitch' star denied having plastic surgery, claiming lipstick was her secret weapon in the fight against ageing. She said: "The most glamorous thing you can do is use lipstick."Joan - who last year revealed her top tips for staying young in her book 'The Art Of Living Well' - has previously made her position on surgery abundantly clear, and recently described Botox as "poison". She said: "Everyone should do what they want. If they want lips like a trout let them. Plastic surgery is the plain women's revenge."