More than Friends Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston met her ex-husband Brad Pitt's mother Jane on Sunday. Jane, who was escorted to Jennifer's rented Malibu beachfront home by Brad's security team, spent two hours with her former daughter-in-law. A photographer for gossip website Celebrity Babylon said: The second the SUV arrived, Jen's bodyguard rushed out and got the door for Jane. She was quickly taken into the house where she stayed for the next two hours."Jennifer, who was reportedly left "devastated" by the breakdown of her marriage to Brad in 2005, has remained on good terms with Jane since the split. Jane was said to be equally "upset" that her 43-year-old son's union with Jennifer, 38, ended. Brad's new lover Angelina Jolie, with who he has three adopted children and a one-year-old biological daughter, was said to be less than impressed by the meeting. A source told the New York Post newspaper: "Angelina really does not like Jennifer, even though Jennifer has not ever done anything to her and couldn't care less about her. She doesn't like that Brad's mom is still close with Jennifer and is threatened by that."