Star Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis feels she failed as a mother because she put her work first.The 'Halloween' star - who has two adopted children, 20-year-old Anne and 10-year-old Thomas with her actor husband Baron Christopher Haden Guest -has confessed she put her acting before her children. Jamie said in an interview with Ladies Home Journal magazine: "My daughter was not the priority. I would take jobs wherever I had to take them and I would work all the time."You can talk about working for the greater good of the family and all of the spin you want to put on it, and yet I was just following my mother's example at the expense of my daughter."The 48-year-old is the daughter of Hollywood screen legends Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh.The 'True Lies' star has also hit out at critics who have slammed stars who adopt like Angelina Jolie and Madonna. Jamie said: "It's just hateful. It's just a hateful thing to say. It's obscene to question motive. These are human beings helping other human beings. End of story."