Gisele Bundchen has publicly criticised the Roman Catholic Church for its"outdated" view on contraception.The Brazilian supermodel - who previously dated Leonardo DiCaprio - believes the church should change its views because "no one is a virgin" anymore and contraception is necessary to stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.Gisele told Brazil's Folha de S. Paulo newspaper: "Their view of contraception is out of date because it was adopted when the women were virgins, the guys were virgins."Today, no one is a virgin when they get married."To prohibit condoms is ridiculous, just think of all the diseases transmitted without them. How is it possible to not want people to use condoms and also not have abortions? It's impossible, I'm sorry."Her comments come less than a month after Pope Benedict XVI criticised government-sanctioned abortion laws and birth control during a five-day visit to Brazil, the most highly populated Roman Catholic country in the world.Though most abortions are banned in Brazil, the government gave out more than over 300 million free condoms a year to combat the spread of AIDS and unwanted pregnancies.


Anonymous said…
Gisele Bundchen is a talentless, brainless, manface who slept her way up the modeling ladder. Who made her spokeswoman to represent women? Sorry Mr. Bundchen, but there are a lot of virgins over 18 walking around this world. In fact one of her fellow countrymen, Kaka, a huge soccer star from Brazil married his wife 2 years ago, both virgins on their wedding day. James, you left out the abortion comment - Mr. Bundchen thinks it's OK to abort up to 4 months and that a fetus is "nothing, just a speck of grain".
James Edstrom said…
Right you are !

Thanks for reading !