British singer GEORGE MICHAEL has branded other men "jealous" of his carefree lifestyle - and insists its the reason why the press hate him.The star is due to be sentenced on June 8th after pleading guilty last month to driving while unfit due to drug use, following an incident in London last year. But Michael believes he is disliked by his fellow men because of his hedonistic lifestyle. He says, "I think at the end of it all I represent something profoundly different for society."I have grown up surrounded by people who think that sex, drugs and rock n’ roll is compatible with a working life while being married with children. During the 1980s, my generation and the one after me, found that was impossible."Me, I don’t want any children, I don’t want responsibility. I am gay, I smoke weed and I do exactly what I want in my life because of my talent. I represent an ideal which others have had to let go and they blame me for that. Especially men." The singer will appear at Brent Magistrates Court to be sentenced one day before he performs the inaugural gig at London’s newly rebuilt Wembley Stadium.