Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Damien Hirst's diamond skull

George Michael is considering paying $100 million for artist Damien Hirst's diamond-encrusted skull.The skull, which cost $24 million to make, boasts 8,601 diamonds and is the world's most expensive piece of contemporary art. Last week, Michael and his partner Kenny Goss enjoyed a private viewing of the macabre creation, entitled 'Love of God'.Their spokesman said: "They looked at the piece as a possible addition to their collection."Michael, 43, is a long-time fan and collector of Hirst's work and already has a private art collection thought to be worth $200 million. His collection includes several bizarre works such as Hirst's 'Saint Sebastian, Exquisite Pain' featuring the body of a black calf pierced by dozens of arrows and tied to a steel post.The 'Fastlove' singer earned millions from his 53-date tour last year and enjoys treating himself to new artwork. It was reported he spent $40 million on pieces by Hirst, Tracey Emin and photographer David LaChappelle in May alone.The former Wham! star became the first act to play London's new Wembley Stadium on Saturday.

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