Barry Z with James Edstrom along with Miss Times Square Gossip and Ian Miller

Clergy led New York City's gay pride parade, lending their moral authority to an event that also featured drag queens, motorcycle-riding lesbians and samba dancers. Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, who heads a gay synagogue, and the Reverend Troy Perry, founder of the Metropolitan Community Church, were the parade's grand marshals. In Kleinbaum's words, "Those who use religion to advocate an anti-gay agenda, I believe, are blaspheming God's name." Buddhists carried a gay pride sign that said "Don't Block Your Buddha." The march is characterized as much by thumping music, dancing and corporate-sponsored floats as it is by protest signs.Men dressed in elaborate feather headdresses and not much else paraded down Fifth Avenue, along with floats commemorating victims of AIDS and other floats full of singers and dancers.Big companies like Starbucks, W Hotels and JPMorgan Chase had floats staffed with nubile young people in shorts and T-shirts.The parade ended in Greenwich Village, and cheering crowds packed both sides of Christopher Street as the line of march passed.The march also attracted politicians. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg walked the route, along with Speaker Christine Quinn, the city's first openly lesbian City Council member.New York Sen. Charles Schumer also marched, wearing a dark pink shirt and a rainbow lanyard looped around his neck. He waved and stopped for photos with parade-goers. James Edstrom joined the party and rode the famed Barry Z Show float down Fifth Avenue with hot dancers and Miss. Times Square Gossip herself, April Sandmeyer. Since New York City forbids alcohol at any of the parades anymore we made sure cases of Snapple were filled with Vodka. Lindsay Lohan would be proud of us !