Moby thinks it would be "fantastic" to be a vampire, even though he is a strict vegan.The dance music star - who is known for his animal-free diet and outspoken religious and political views - likes the idea of being an immortal, blood-sucking monster.He wrote on his personal website: "I have to say that I fall into the two per cent category that thinks being a vampire would be good. Not sure how I could reconcile vampirism with veganism, though."Yes, call me crazy, but I think that being a vampire would be fantastic."Bizarrely, Moby also considered what the world would be like if it was taken over by cockroaches and pigeons in the future.The 41-year-old musician added: "My friend Conchetta did ask a good question, 'What if immortality doesn't involve personal jet packs and unlocking the secrets of DNA and food in pill form, but rather involved a blasted, desolate earth with only cockroaches and pigeons for friends?' I guess then you have to learn to love cockroaches and pigeons."