Damon Johnson Art

Damon Johnson is an emerging artist whose work reflects the fashionable celebrity society and the American iconic nightclub and underground scene in which he lives. Johnson was born in New York and has been a graffiti artist and muralist since the age of thirteen. He has exhibited at the Chelsea Art Museum and throughout the metropolitan area in alternative art spaces and nightclubs such as Eleven, NA, Pink Elephant and Quo. I fell in love with his work the first time I saw it. The above painting I just had to post and I wish I could afford. Damon is such a huge talent and is the new Andy Warhol of this century. You can view his work at MARK MURRAY FINE PAINTINGS 39 East 72nd Street New York, NY 10021


effluvium said…
hey i made that.

Anonymous said…
(small correction) The above image was actually done by Scott Meyers as a logo for STREETSMART, which recently had a two day group show that Damon Johnson had two paintings in. Johnson is an incredible talent with a very promising future ahead of him, and STREETSMART was very excited to include him in their show.

Do check out his work at Mark Murray, or more information about STREETSMART can be found at www.myspace.com/streetsmartart.
We have made corrections....We had assumed that was part of his work as it was sent with a invite and as I have seen his work many times, it looked the same. So we have included a new picture. Thanks to all the readers who help me keep all the information right..

effluvium said…
yeah i think i see it?