Courteney Cox is planning to have IVF treatment again so she can have another baby.The 42-year-old actress and her husband David Arquette conceived daughter Coco, who will turn three in June, after IVF and Courteney has already had more blood tests to begin the process all over.Courteney said in an interview with Marie Claire magazine: "I'm not really ready right this second, but I'll probably do it one more time. I'm planning to do IVF again."I used to want to have eight kids. It was such a fantasy when I was younger, because my mother, who was an only child, had four kids."Now, looking back, I don't understand how she did it."The former 'Friends' actress suffered from post-natal depression and admits having a baby is hard work. She said: "I think the baby part - like waking up early - is hard. Really hard. Do I believe in post-natal depression? Yes. Did I have the worst case of it? No."Women have hormones. It's not easy and as we get older, it gets harder. But there's ways to deal with it and stay in balance."I don't believe there's anything wrong with therapy."Post-natal depression can be devastating. Luckily, I was able to get through it."