Hot singer Amy Winehouse

Bruce Willis thinks Amy Winehouse is "amazing".The 52-year-old actor is a huge fan of the singer's latest album 'Back To Black', and is impressed with her hard-drinking exploits.Willis told Total Film magazine: "Amy f***ing Winehouse! Amazing. She has a f***ing amazing voice! She's kind of like Janis Joplin, hits a bottle of Jack from time to time."The 'Die Hard 4.0' star also revealed he has an eclectic collection of music, ranging from The Rolling Stones to The Killers, and admits it is his 15-year-old daughter Scout who introduces him to the latest bands. He explained: "It's weird. I'm getting back into all the music I used to love when I was a teenager, like The Rolling Stones. I'm seeing The Stones in Paris in June. My 15-year-old daughter Scout has got me into The Killers."