Crusading rocker BONO has lavished praise on American President George W. Bush for pledging $30 million (£15 million) toward the fight against AIDS in Africa.The U2 singer is delighted by the decision to divert government funds towards combating the crisis in the poverty-stricken continent.He says, "Some of my activist friends will be jumping on one leg rather than jumping on two because it’s never enough."But I’m standing up and I’m applauding the president and congress." Bono did, however, acknowledge that Bush’s program requires up to a third of the funds to be spent on abstinence education instead of safe sex campaigns.He adds, "Condoms are a part of the solution; they just are."


Anonymous said…
Bush does not have "government funds" to divert to this cause. The money is our money that has been confiscated through taxes in order to make this compulsory donation. I'm not saying it is a bad cause, just that the government does not have funds of its own to donate.
James Edstrom said…
Also there are many catches so who knows what will really get there. Bush is the worst president ever !

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