Rocker ROD STEWART’s son SEAN has asked girlfriend CALEIGH PETERS to marry him. Sean, 26, proposed to his latest love - the adopted daughter of movie producer Jon Peters - after realising the 18-year-old was with him for much more than his celebrity status. He says, "I’m engaged. I have found one girl who made me feel a certain way inside, so I proposed."A lot of girls over the years have been after me because of who I am, who my dad is, because the family has money. But my girlfriend doesn’t care about that because she comes from the same sort of background and money that I come from." But Sean, who was the only one of Rod’s children not to attend his Saturday wedding to Penny Lancaster, is in no rush to set a date for his own big day.He adds, "We’ll see how it goes." Sean was recently charged with assault with a deadly weapon and vandalism following an April incident in which he is accused of attacking two people who were sitting in a car. The reality TV star and his friends were denied entry to a Hollywood Hills party and it is alleged they threw rocks and hurled trash at guests as they left the bash.