Hollywood hardman BRUCE WILLIS has filed a lawsuit against an auto dealership claiming they sold him a faulty car.The Die Hard actor recently filed a suit against Black Tie Classic, claiming the 1967 GTO he purchased on 16 December 2006 was "an inoperable car riddled with extensive mechanical problems." According to legal papers, the company reneged on their promise to take back the car and refund the actor the $65,000 (£32,500) cost, reports Access Hollywood. However, Black Tie Classic’s owner John Bertino insists the car was in perfect shape when Willis purchased the luxury vehicle. He says, "They were complaining the moment they got the car. It’s a beautiful car. There is nothing wrong with it."I’ve heard of persons with egos, but this is ridiculous."I asked him if he wanted to check the car out and he said no. I said I would fix anything they wanted me to, but this has been a horrible nightmare."