Sexy actress Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is to play Mary Queen of Scots.The actress will take on the role of the tragic monarch in the movie co-produced by her mother, Melanie.The film, entitled 'Mary Queen of Scots', will center around Mary, who become a monarch aged two, a wife at 15, was widowed at 17 before being beheaded at 44 after spending years in jail. Peter Curran will direct the project, while Jimmy McGovern penned the script. Last month, it was revealed Scarlett is insisting on a no-nudity clause in all her movie contracts.The curvaceous 22-year-old is determined to be seen as a serious actress and won't commit to a role without the clause. A source said: "Scarlett is still very young and is aware the roles she takes are going to set out where her career as an actress takes her in the future."She doesn't want to fall into being too controversial or too trashy so nude scenes are out for now."