Sarah Harding says "only pussies go to rehab". The hard-partying, heavy-drinking, Girls Aloud singer has said she admires Oasis' Liam Gallagher for his wild ways but hates celebrities who check into rehab. Sarah told Britain's Glamour magazine: "Only pussies go to rehab. I'm a bit of a geezer-bird, but I don't drink pints."Her band mate Nadine Coyle has just split from 'Desperate Housewives' star Jesse Metcalfe after he went to rehab for alcoholism. Nadine said: "We're girls that like to go out and have fun."You become a pro at walking from the club to the car seeming sober. But then the photographers follow you home. Not so long ago they had a picture of me falling on my driveway!"I had an altercation with my handbag, couldn't see and I just hit the ground."Band mate Cheryl Tweedy said: "We're not glorifying going out drinking. But girls our age are doing it every weekend anyway."