Oprah looks great at Color Purple

Talk Show host OPRAH WINFREY saw the stage show premiere of Color Purple in her home city, Chicago. Opening on Broadway and on Chicago's Randolph Street were completely different experiences, Winfrey said."There's an intimacy and an obvious connection that I feel here that I couldn't possibly feel in New York," said Winfrey, whose Harpo Studios are only a few blocks from the theatre.Winfrey said there now are plans to take the show to South Africa."It's pretty powerful for me, on every level, to come down the same street where I first saw the movie 21 years ago, and my name wasn't allowed to be on the marquee, and to be able to know now that I was a part of being able to bring it here," she said."It's really a powerful feeling."Winfrey played the second female lead of Sofia in Steven Spielberg's 1985 film. Crowds of fans jammed the sidewalks for nearly an hour before Winfrey's arrival. Chicago Mayor Richard Daley (upper left) attended along with Jessie Jackson and reviewer Roger Ebert. Not very welcome by the Chicago media was R. Kelly who is facing 14 counts of child pornography stemming from a videotape allegedly showing him having sex with a 14-year old girl.