Lily Allen says Kate Moss' new clothing range is only for "perfect people".The outspoken British singer, who has designed her own clothing range for high street chain New Look, says her line will be for everybody, not just skinny people. Lily fumed to Grazia magazine: "Kate's clothes are just for skinny, perfect girls. I won't be buying any."I couldn't get into those tiny hot pants if I tried, and if I did I'd look ridiculous. The hard thing is to get everybody of every size to look fantastic. That's the real deal. Fashion should be a laugh and be for everybody. My dresses will suit anyone, whether they're tall or small, or fat or thin."The 'Smile' singer insists that unlike waif-like Kate she knows what it's like to be unhappy with parts of your body.Lily explained: "The best thing about dresses is the fact they hide a lot of things you don't want exposed and flatter the good bits."My bum and legs are revolting, which is why I wear dresses all the time. And I put in wider straps to hide the arm bits we all hate. I was really excited about doing my collection because I know what it's like to feel uncomfortable in clothes."I don't just chuck my wardrobe at someone. I got really involved with everything. I love my stuff - I've been wearing it loads."Despite her scathing criticism of Kate's fashion line, Lily says the supermodel once saved her when she was attacked at a musical festival. She said: "I have to say Kate Moss was pretty nice to me at Glastonbury. These two girls started beating me up and Kate came wading in and got them off me. She's a bit too skinny but she's a real girl. I thought that was pretty cool."