Sexy Jessica Alba

Kimberly Stewart (left) wants a butt like Jessica Alba.The socialite, the daughter of British singer Rod Stewart, is envious of the screen beauty's pert behind and is hoping Jessica will be able to give her some rear-shaping tips. Kimberly said: "I want my ass to look like Jessica Alba's. She has the best body. I've met her before and she is really sweet, too. Next time I meet her, I'll ask her for tips."Despite her insecurities about her behind, the 27-year-old blonde model claims most men like it. Kimberly - who has dated Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill, British model Calum Best and 'Little Britain' comic David Walliams - explained:"Maybe they like it because it's a bit bigger than my bone structure. It gives them something to grab hold of."Kimberly previously had a breast enlargement operation to boost her modest bust but had the implants removed. However, she hasn't ruled out going under the surgeon's knife again to increase the size of her mammaries. She added: "I would like bigger boobs. I had implants once - a full B cup. But I got rid of them because they didn't really fit with my body shape. But I'd never say never to doing anything like that again."