Keith Urban is desperate to be a father by next year.The country singer, who married Nicole Kidman last year, has denied reports the actress is pregnant with their first child, but admits he can't wait to start a family Keith, 39, said in a magazine interview: "I'm really looking forward to becoming a dad. Next year actually would be lovely."The musician admits it can be difficult having a long-distance relationship - Nicole is currently shooting a new film in Australia while Keith remains in the US - but insists the couple are willing to make it work.Keith said: "I tour for two weeks then fly to Sydney for a week, then go back on the road. It's not really too hard going back and forth. Its either that or I don't tour this year. It's what I do."When you meet somebody and you fall in love, then you do what it takes to stay together."The Grammy award-winning musician revealed he and Nicole love being in Sydney and enjoy the quieter lifestyle.He said: "I've had a good long run of being at home, particularly in Sydney with my wife. We have breakfast in the morning, then she will go to work and we'll have dinner in the evening. It's a beautiful place."She cooks a little bit. But I like being supportive, it makes me happy."