Pirates Johnny Depp and Keith Richards

ROLLING STONE KEITH RICHARDS so impressed JOHNNY DEPP with his acting skills on the latest Pirates Of The Caribbean movie, the actor now calls him ‘Two-Take Richards’. Richards plays Depp’s pirate character’s father in new sequel At World’s End, and filmmakers were amazed at the wildman rocker’s acting talents. Depp says, "The anticipation was mad. Everyone was like, ‘Is he going to do it? Is he going to do it?’ "And then whammo, he arrived at eight o’clock in the morning, totally prepped and ready to go."Obviously, Keith Richards - the guy invented charisma. But what I didn’t expect was he was going to be such a great actor. I started calling him ‘Two-Take Richards’."It was like this gunslinger arrived in town, charmed all the women and impressed all the men, and then split."