Tom Chaplin of Keane

Keane star Tom Chaplin contemplated suicide during the darkest days of his drug addiction.The singer also revealed he walked out on his band during a Japanese tour last August and went straight to rehab to beat his alcohol and cocaine problems.Tom - who was taking up to two grams of cocaine a day - revealed to Britain's Q Magazine: "I was at the end of my tether in Japan. I was tired of my life and feeling pretty suicidal."I got off the plane and phoned my dad. I'd told him that I'd left the band and that I was falling apart. I checked myself into The Priory."During his stay at world famous rehab centre The Priory, Tom said he felt as if he'd been "brainwashed" and had "joined a cult". Despite his own drugs hell, Tom says it's a personal decision to experiment with substances. He claims troubled rock star Pete Doherty should be left to take all the drugs he wants.Tom said: "No-one's got any right to stop him killing himself."


Whoa, I did not see that coming. He's always seemed like such a stable person to me. Then again, I've only gotten into Keane sense he got out.....