Johnny Depp has a same sex crush on Keith Richards. Johnny, who stars as Captain Jack Sparrow in 'Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End' alongside Keith, says the Rolling Stones guitarist is a "god". Johnny told Rolling Stone magazine: "He was one of the people I admired for what he's done and how he's handled it. Forty-whatever years of being this god. And he's just cool."You think, 'Who's the greatest rock 'n' roll star? Who's that charismatic and interesting?' And you go, 'Oh - it's Keith, isn't it?' "Keith, who plays Sparrow's father Captain Teague in the movie, revealed he fell asleep while watching the second pirate adventure instalment. He revealed: "I have seen the first two 'Pirates.' movies. Oh yeah. How can you not with your grand kids around? I saw the first film when it came out. But I admit I did fall asleep during the second one, but I'd been up for three days."Johnny, 43, replied: "I might have fallen asleep myself!" Keith, 63, insists he has no plans to become a full-time movie star, and says music remains his priority. He said: "Me, I'm just a musician. And if the people like my stuff, thank God. It pushes me on to do more. And I want to do more. That's something that you don't factor in when you start this game."There's been loads of wannabes. But it's all posing with a guitar. And not playing right, not looking right, so not being me. Really, it's just in the bones and in the moves. You don't know what attracts people to what you do."